Cosmo Zooms by Arthur Howard

Every dog on Pumpkin Lane was good at something, except poor Cosmo. He thought about climbing a tree, and then he thought about catching a mouse, but neither of those things Cosmo could do. Cosmo got tired trying to think of something he could be good at, so he decided to lay down and take a nap, but instead of laying on the grass he landed on a skateboard. The skateboard took off and so did Cosmo. Cosmo zoomed down a hill and crashed into a bush. When Cosmo crawled out of the bush the other dogs on Pumpkin Lane were amazed at how well Cosmo handled the skateboard. Cosmo was now good at something!

This book is so cute and has a great lesson. If it is in your library pull it out and use one of the skills or strategies below to help you create a meaningful lesson.

I thought this book was perfect for summarizing so I created a freebie to go with it.

Reading level: 2.4
Theme/subject: animals, individuality
Genre: humorous fiction
Suggested Vocabulary/phrases:
howler, herder, round it up, zipped by, underfoot, yelped, hydrangeas, near
misses, swoops, swerves
Reading skills and
  • Asking
    – {possible
    questions before
    } I wonder what the story is going to be about. I
    wonder if the dog’s name is Cosmo. I wonder how he got onto a skateboard.  {possible
    questions during
    } I wonder what Cosmo could be good at. I wonder how
    Cosmo got on that skateboard.  {possible questions after} I wonder
    if Cosmo will get hurt riding the skateboard.  **Remember to have your students
    answer/reflect their questions.
  • Author’s
    point of view
    – Third person. Be sure to find 3 pieces of evidence
    to support this (Cosmo, his, she, him).
  • Author’s
    – entertain {evidence}
    The illustrations are very cute. Dogs don’t ride skateboards. Cosmo didn’t
    get hurt when he crashed into the hydrangea bush. All these things made a
    very entertaining story.
  • Beginning,
    middle, end
    – {most important
    event from beginning
    }Cosmo was not good at anything.  {most
    important event from middle
    } Cosmo fell asleep on a skateboard and
    zoomed away. {most important event
    from end
    } All the other dogs thought Cosmo was good at riding the skateboard.
  • Cause
    and effect
    – Why was Flip named Flip? Because he could catch any Frisbee ever thrown. Why was
    Puddles named Puddles? Because he
    could drool for eleven hours in a row.
    Why did Cosmo get sleepy? Because he was trying to think of
    something he could be good at.
    Why did the mailboxes zip by? Because he was on a skateboard. Why
    did Cosmo plow into the hydrangea bush? Because he didn’t know how to stop the skateboard. Why were
    the other dogs excited an impressed? Because
    Cosmo was finally good at something.
    Why did Cosmo keep riding the
    skateboard? Because he was good at
    it and it made him feel good.
  • Character
    – describe Cosmo {looks
    like, feelings, thoughts, character
  • Character
    changes –
    in the beginning Cosmo was a bit sad because he couldn’t
    do anything. At the end Cosmo was happy because he was good at
    skateboarding and it felt good.
  • Classify
    & categorize
    – Classify dog tricks. Categorize tricks that
    most dogs could do and tricks that some dogs could do. For example: sit,
    stay, roll over, catch Frisbees, ride surfboards, ride on motorcycles,
  • Compare
    & contrast
    – Compare and contrast your dog to Cosmo.
  • Connections
    – {possible text-to-self
    } having a dog. Tricks your dog can do. You not being able
    to do things like your friends. Feeling sad that you can’t do things your
    friends can do. Feeling good when you do something your good at.
  • Drawing
    conclusions & inferencing
     How do you think Cosmo got onto the
    skateboard? {text clues} Cosmo
    got sleepy and lay down on the grass.  {What
    I know
    } there must have been a skateboard in the tall grass that Cosmo
    laid down in.  {my conclusion}I think Cosmo was so tired he just lay down on
    the skateboard without realizing it.
  • Main
    idea & details
    – {main
    } The story is mostly about Cosmo discovering that he was good at
    skateboarding. {details} Cosmo
    was sad that he wasn’t good at anything. Cosmo took off on a skateboard
    and stayed on. Cosmo went faster and faster.
  • Plot
    – the turning point or climax in the story was when Cosmo took off on a
  • Predict
    – What do you think the story will be about? What do you think Cosmo is
    good at? Why do you think there is nobody riding the bicycle? What do you
    think will happen to Cosmo on the skateboard? How do you think Cosmo feels
    about finding something he is good at? Do you think Cosmo will keep riding
    the skateboard?
  • Problem
    & solution
    – {problem}
    Cosmo’s problem is that he is not good at anything. {solution} He accidentally lies down on a skateboard and takes
  • Sequencing
    – Every dog on Pumpkin Lane is good at something. Lance can run fast.
    Elvis can howl loud. Flip can catch Frisbee’s. Puddles drools a lot.
    Gracie is good at herding. Cosmo was not good at anything. Pearl tried to
    help Cosmo figure out what he was good at. Cosmo was sleepy so he went to
    lay down. Cosmo passed a bike. Cosmo passed a mailbox. Cosmo zoomed down
    Pumpkin Lane. Cosmo crashed into a bush. All the dogs thought Cosmo was
    great on the skateboard. Cosmo felt great. Cosmo kept riding the
  • Story
    – list title, author, characters, setting, beginning,
    middle, end, or problem & solution.
  • Strong
    – Cosmo felt bad because he thought he was not good at
    anything. What could you tell Cosmo to make him feel better?
  • Summarize
    – {someone} Cosmo {wanted} wanted to be good at
    something {but} but he wasn’t {so} so he went to take a nap {then} then he laid down on a
    skateboard and took off. Cosmos was {finally}
    finally good at something, skateboarding.
  • Theme
    Everyone is good at something different. Everyone is unique in
    what they can do. You will find something that you are good at.
  • Visualize
    – Visualize what you think you are good at doing. Draw a picture of it and
    then write about it.

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Happy Planning!

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