Definitely Not Separated at Birth: Arthur and…? And the dark raaaaacism of children cartoons (I denounce myself for calling it dark) Updated with true Separated at Birth raaaaacism!

This is the cartoon character Arthur,
He is supposedly an aardvark

This is an actual aardvark

They look nothing alike.  Clearly this would confuse children who are trying to identify real aardvarks. 

But as AoSHQ notes apparently Arthur is far more damaging to kids than we thought, promoting racist and socially dominant thoughts in children:  

Arthur the aardvark, center, and his family.
Real aardvarks do not live like this.  

And then there’s the anthropomorphism — animals like Franklin and Arthur the aardvark and The Berenstain Bears wearing clothes and talking to each other and living in nuclear families.
“What I’ve noticed in particular about animals is the cultural stereotypes that we have in our society, and in the culture of prejudices we have often are more hidden when they’re inserted into a story about animals or animal form.”

Wow.  Who knew teaching kids that there is such a thing as stable nuclear homes was damaging to them?  I guess you have to go to college to learn how harmful that is to kids!    

Nora Timmerman, a PhD candidate in Educational Studies at UBC.
You have to be carefully taught to recognize the raaaaacist signs…
Clearly she is heading for a fabulous university tenure track…

But wait, maybe Arthur’s sister, DW, is secretly a raaaaacist?

Update:  I just realized that Arthur’s creators removed his natural aardvark nose and replaced it with a…well little dots for nostrils one.  And then they made him yellow with glasses so he looks like I.M. Pei.  The raaaaacism is there if you just look hard enough for it!  

Now these two are Separated at Birth!  

Arthur the aardvark and…
I.M. Pei the architect

Roger L. Simon and Martin Bashir’s liberal ability to spot racism!  It is a gift!  
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