Marisa Miller Makeover

Marisa Miller has NEVER been my favorite model, I’m surprised V.S didn’t bash her, considering they weren’t too kind to Kate Upton, whom I must say is quite mighty mighty.

I don’t understand HOW and WHY she got an angel contract, I can easily assume she slept her way through it.

She’s not an ugly girl, but she is extremely boney, has the worst walk, her hair looks matted and she just looks downright DIRTY.

I know I’m doing exactly what Skinny Gossip does, but seriously this Oompa Loompa needs to chill out on the fake and bake.

I decided to give her a Photoshop makeover to make her look exquisite. I think if she went stayed away from tanner and tried some retinol, she wouldn’t look so busted.

My Version
I decided to remove some off her orangey tan using a green yellow.
I opted to remove some of her shimmer using a blur tool..made her lips peachy and apply a yellowey highlight color on the cheeks.
I applied blur tool to get rid of her wrinkles and the matted hair look.
Did the same with her orangey skin, darkened up her blonde hair a bit using shadow. Applied a bright color to bring out her lips. Made her eyes a bit more gray and added a bright blue liner for a pop of color. Kept the cheeks sexy in a simple highlight.

Top Actress

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