November Nails-OPI Give Me Moor! and Others

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I can’t believe it is November already!  Next I will be saying Happy New Year and I will be closer to old age! Before all that happens I decided to start the month with nail polish.  I had this polish for about a year but never opened it and never wondered about it until now. 

This is OPI Give Me Moor! The name alone reminds me of Wuthering Heights and the soap opera lives of Heathcliff and Catherine.  The color reminds me of an eggplant whether it be Japanese, Chinese, or Italian but not those white ones; the color is an aubergine jelly.

On its own it is classic but doesn’t really spark any fires for me.  I decided to add Barielle Elle’s Spell.

The multi flakes added some personality and makes me think of a dry rub of barbecue spices!

Next I added Essie Matte About You.  I love matte nail polish and I know some of you think, why spend money on matte nail polish when you can just buy the topcoat.  Maybe, it is just me but with matte polish, the entire polish will be matte.  With a topcoat there is a tendency to miss some spots and the shine shows through.  Maybe, I am being too picky about it and should be happy with just a matte topcoat but I am not. 

Not sure about the matte flakie effect.  Still looks like a dry BBQ rub.

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