Pamela Anderson Ad Banned in Great Britain. Zesty Guy Sells in the U.S.

Pamela Anderson starring in an advertisement judged as sexist and degrading? It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

I concur: this ad is sexist. It’s also degrading to businesswomen but it’s a humorous ad targeted at middle-aged males that winks at their proclivity to fantasize. If we were to ban all advertising that fit this bill, the airwaves would be pretty empty.


Meanwhile, this summer, Kraft Food is touting its Zesty Italian Dressing with this spokesguy…

Sexist?  Yes.  Degrading to us non-buff male kitchen chefs?  It could be to some.

Humor in advertising is a tricky tactic.  You’re sure to alienate many even if the advertisement hits dead center with your targeted viewer.  Ultimately the consumer is in control by demonstrating their approval or disapproval through their purchase decisions.

Meanwhile, enjoy the humor of zesty guy’s television ad …


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