PASS HER BY: Aya Kanai

The Jason Schwartzman sighting in Los Angeles was pretty amazing (even though we were slow to react) but there was one star we were hoping to see in particular – stylist Aya Kanai. We would have totally freaked the spots off Rachel Comey’s Fall 2009 Dangerfield Cheetah Print Boots if we ran into her.

You cannot deny Kanai was one of New York City’s chicest girls. Who could pass her by without noticing? She’s like a real life Teen Vogue, Lula, Dossier and Nylon editorial… FULLY! Trust us, not many can pull off those styles so effortlessly. We tried. We failed. We cried. We learned. She taught us how to think outside of the bob – her bob. One just has to bring it down a notch (maybe two or three. Ok, four).

Now, we must share her with the West Coast but that’s a good thing right? Well, whatever’s good for Aya is good for us. According to the pics on Refinery29, girl looks pretty happy. We’re sure she’ll be back in NYC for the Fall shows. In the meantime, we’ll just have to look through archives of her on Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist.

Check out what Aya’s been up to by checking out her site

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