Patricia Cornwell vs Leslie Sachs

I’m sure everyone has already heard of this. But just in case someone hasn’t, here’s the story in few words: Dr. Leslie Sachs calls in his web-site author Patricia Cornwell a “Jew-hating neo-Nazi” and a lot of other things.

Here’s what I think about these things. Bear in mind that these are just my thoughts but I think there’s some sense in them. And forgive me for my bad english and spelling-mistakes, please.

First of all: Sachs calls himself “an expert on American corruption.” I would love to know what excactly makes him an “expert on American corruption.” As far as I know, he is just a history professor.

Sachs calls Patricia Cornwell a “neo-Nazi” who wants to become “a lesbian Adolf Hitler”. When Cornwell’s lawyer Joan A. Lukey (she’s a very nice lady, by the way) asked Cornwell about her attitude toward the Jewish community, Cornwell pointed out that she has a lot of Jewish friends and agents and that she is married to a Jewish person.

I can’t really say why exactly Sachs makes such a big deal out of Patricia Cornwell’s sexuality. Probably because he wants to be able to say that Cornwell is betraying the gay community by financing the republicans and the Bush party and that Cornwell’s lesbianism is being hidden by the press because Bush and friends don’t want people to know that one of their family friends is a lesbian.

If that is true, then why on Earth did Cornwell say in an interview that she is in “a stable, long-term relationship” and when the interviewer asked her if her lover is a woman, Cornwell replied: “Yes. So to all these people who think I’m all screwed up about relationships: I’m in one.” This kind of makes me think that Sachs is barking up the wrong Bush…

If memory serves me right the article was written by Andrew Billen. But I may be wrong. There was a link to this article in Wikipedia.

And so what if Cornwell is a lesbian who gives money to the conserva tive party? I thought that in free countries people are allowed to finance and vote for whichever party they want to no matter what their sexual orientation may be.

Then the boob job.
Sachs mentions that Cornwell has had plastic surgery on her nose and on her breasts. It’s hard for me to understand why Sachs exactly mentions these things but I suppose it is because he wants to make Cornwell seem unperfect in every possible way.

I don’t know and I don’t care wheter or not Patricia Cornwell has had plastic surgery on her breasts and/or on her nose. Believe it or not, I do have better things to do than to stare at Cornwell’s breasts and nose.
But so what if Cornwell has had some work done on her face? Who cares? Many people, celebrities and non-celebrities, go under the knife. If you’re going to tell me that Cornwell is the only one who has had a boob job or a nose job then why don’t you just shave my legs and call me a Dolly Parton!

In his book “True crimes of Patricia Cornwell” (not published yet but I did have the questionable “pleasure” to read an early draft of it sent to me by a friend who got it from Sachs through e-mail), Sachs spends quite a lot of time telling us how unattractive and male-like Cornwell is in real life, how she has a “face of an addict or a long-time drunk”, how she is “high as a kite” and so on, and so on.

What Sachs failes to mention is the fact that the day he met Cornwell, Cornwell had most likely had trouble sleeping and that she had to get up that day at 4.00 AM. I don’t think that there are too many people who manage to look attractive after suffering from stress, sleepless nights and busy days. And as we all know, sleeplesness also can easily make one appear to be “high” or irrational.

Sachs mentioned that he has a “drop of Jewish blood” in his veins. It seems to me that he thinks that because of that he can say that Cornwell is a Jew-hater becaus e she is trying to stop Sachs from keeping up his offending web-site.

If someone calls you a “money whore” and a “neo-Nazi” and a lot of other extremely nasty things, wouldn’t you take some actions, like Cornwell did, to stop that? Like he said himself, Sachs only has a “drop of Jewish” blood in him, so one really can’t describe Cornwell’s activities to try and shut Sachs’ cyberstalking-web-site down as an attack against the Jewish community.

I’m pretty sure that Cornwell (and anyone else who would become a victim of this type of stalking!) would sue anyone putting that kind of stuff on the Internet no matter what their religious background may be.

This “Cornwell hates Jews”- hoax just proves how desperate Sachs is in his tries to blacken Cornwell’s reputation.

Sachs also makes a big deal about the fact that Cornwell has said in some interview that she can “literally get away with murder” if she wants to. I believe that this statement has b een taken completely out of it’s original context. If you think about it, you’ll realize that every single crime scene investigator could get away with murder if they wanted to because they know what to do and what not to do in a crime scene.

As we all know, Cornwell has spent a lot of time recearching crime scene investigation and police work. If you hang around with police and CSI-members and study their work as long as Cornwell has studied you can easily say that you can get away with murder.

Cornwell stalking people? Yeah, right.
Sachs has said that he has been contacted by women who say that they have been stalked and harassed by Patricia Cornwell. First of all I have to believe that Cornwell is a bit too busy to be stalking people.

I would be interested in hearing what these women actually have to say (if these women even exist outside Sachs’ head). It would also be interesting to know that how are we supposed to know that these women are telling the truth? What if they just saw Sachs’ web-site and thought it would be fun to make fun of him?

And then: How are we supposed to know that Sachs didn’t “seduce” these women into telling lies for him by promising them money and fame (kind of like he did when he suggested to AP reporter Zinie Chen Sampson that if she takes his side on this story -BAM- she’ll win a Pulitzer and will never have to work again) after this is all over?

The obvious
I do think it is extremely obvious why Sachs is doing this. First of all he is jealous. Almost next door to him lived a woman, who had suddenly became famous and rich, while Sachs himself was stuck in writing books about how to buy used cars cheap.

Sachs keeps on saying how his book, “The Virginia ghost murders” was praised by the publishers and readers and reviewers. If this is true, then why did he have to put up his own publishing company to ge t his book published? And how many people in the end actually have read his book, which Sue Feder’s reviewer called “sleazy and dull”?

I think that Sachs’ ultimate goal was (and still is) to get publicity for his book. Now many people might think: “Hmm, I’d like to read Sachs’ book and compare it to Cornwell’s “The Last precinct” and see for myself.” Gee, I’m sure he never meant for that to happen!

Sachs calls himself a “gentle” man. Yeah, right. He did sound extremely “gentle” and reasonable when he told Cornwell’s lawyers (as they had sent him an e-mail informing him that Patricia Cornwell has filed a lawsuit against him) to “take their Nazi-threats and shove them up their asses” and when he said that the thing that really “makes Cornwell all hot and wet between the legs” is jailing and threatening other people. Yes, yes, these certainly seem like the writings of a “gentle”, reasonable, stable and a nice man that Sachs says that he is.

I s Sachs crazy? A little bit. But above all, he is extremely jealous, bitter and paranoid. Tinfoil, anyone?

“We don’t like it when you tap the glass.”

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