Giant XTC Composite 29er 1 // 29er Test Spin # 1

I have been thinking about 29er bikes a lot lately and I didn’t rest until I tried one. I finally got the chance to test out one of these excellent machines: the 2013 Giant XTC Composite 29er 1. I had an XTC before so I knew exactly these bikes are simply brilliant.
There it is, the machine itself
During my holiday back in Hungary I went for a spin with and old friend of mine Gergely Torma. He owns this beautyful bike and he offered me to have a quick go and see it myself what it’s like to ride on the big wheels. Obviously I couldn’t say no!! :)
My first test spin on a 29er XC bike
So, I had a very short test ride on his bike and I have to say I am very impressed. Now, of course this short little test run wasn’t enough to have a proper opinion about riding on 29ers but it was definitely enough to have a very nice first impression!
My thoughts after the first test ride
  • The size of the frame was M, so at the first time I thought it’ll be way to big for my height (5’5″). But strangely it didn’t feel big at all. Of course because of the bigger wheels and the suspension fork the front of the bike was higher than I’m used to but the stem was fitted in a negative angle without any headset spacers, so the handlebar was nice and low for sure. I really liked this setup!
  • The other thing that really surprised me was the lenght of the bike: it didn’t feel long at all, in fact the whole riding position felt very-very similar to my own 26″ XC bike. 
  • Of course because of the different headtube angle and the 29″ wheels the handling of the bike is a bit different compare to a regular 26″ MTB but there’s nothing that the rider couldn’t get used to in a short enough time in my opinion. 
  • One of the biggest difference I have noticed is the speed: the bike definitely climbs faster and better than the 26″ version. Even this short run was enough to see that! 

So, what can I say? I am even more curious about 29ers than I was before! I would love to try the XTC 29er again and have a proper off-road spin around the Wicklow Mountains and test it out on all the rough technical trails! 
I hope I don’t have to wait for another test spin for too long!! :)
Huge thanks to my mate for lending his race machine, I apprecite it!  

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