Guild Wars 2 composer Jeremy public to raise funds creation symphony

Widely praised by players because of the variety of games to compose music composer Jeremy Soule, to promote his first project to Kickstarter platform, and hope that this project will get the support of the majority of Guild Wars2 Gold. This time he brought the project is not a game, but a symphony, called THE NORTHERNER.

Jeremy.Soule is an American award-winning electronic game music composer. Saul’s music often commented praised as among the ranks of the best computer and video game industry, its quality is comparable with many orchestral movie soundtrack. Saul’s music in a large proportion of the electronic synthesizer, and can mimic real orchestra that often can not be distinguished from real orchestral. But he also frequently co-operation and a real orchestra and choir, the London Philharmonia and the Northwest Sinfonia, Prague Philharmonic orchestras, and Pinewood Singers。

Introduce content based on the Kickstarter platform his project page display, this is his first experience involving symphony field, and its content is mainly described his familiar game players, singers and contemporary innovation and technology content.

It is understood, Soule production the song symphony at a cost of $ 10,000, and he has completed that goal, players donated money has reached $ 20,000. Jeremy Soule has been involved in a variety of game music creation projects, which include Cheap GW2 Gold, World of Warcraft: Mists Elder Scrolls game series, as well as numerous BioWare’s music several classic games.

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