Sakura Macarons and an Everlasting Cherry Blossom Instruction

All Images © Kathreinerle Photography

Delicate, fragile and truly beautiful.. it is funny how similiar the japanese Cherry Blossoms are to a petite Macaron.

With a ring of black sesame and a white Sakura filling, the soft shell of this delightful pastry melts in your mouth and reminds you of thousands and thousands of little blossoms, that are blowing over Japan, covering it in aquarel colored cherrysnow.

And since the very best treats, as well as the cherry blossom season is fleeting, here is a way to bring them home to you and keep it floral all year round:

For my “Everblooming Cherry Blossom Instruction” you will need some thin, soakable paper ( this one worked perfectly), a pair of scissors and some watercolors in cherry tones, in which you dip the folded petals.

If you pin them on branches (be sure, that the blossoms are completely dried), you can open just some of them, day by day, and let it bloom little by little!

All Images © Kathreinerle Photography
My Cherry Blossom Macarons with black Sesame (that I made for beautiful 
KINFOLK magazine) will be as soft and delicate as they should be, if you mind the following: 
- sift your almond powder through a very fine sieve and weigh it after sifted
-after piping small dollops of the macaron mixture onto the parchment paper, allow them to rest for 20 minutes, so they can dry a bit: carefully touch them with your fingertip, if your finger does not stick, they are ready to bake.  
- shortly open your oven at half of the baking time, to allow excess steam to escape. 
- after you filled your macarons (although this might request a lot of patience) store them in an airtight container for one-to-two more days in the fridge, the moisture of the filling will make the texture and flavor perfect! 
And some little news: Did you see my new website yet? I am so happy with it. 
Also, there are two new Photisserie Editions, a Blueberry Necklet and a Carrot Family, that are looking forward to hanging on your kitchen walls… and a few, limited to only 50, series of Leaving, freshly printed and ready to find new homes. 

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