Matsumoto Megumi => Earth & Alchemy @ Stephen D. Paine Gallery

Earth & Alchemy
September twenty-four – Dec 24, 2012
Stephen D. Paine Gallery
Reception: Monday, Sep 24, 6:00-8:00PM
Panel Discussion: Wednesday, Nov 14, 6:00PM
With artists Syd Carpenter, Annabeth Rosen, Paul Swenbeck, as well as MFA curator Emily Zilber
621 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 
Participating artists: Yo
Akiyama, Syd Carpenter, Sam Chung, Mark Cooper, Laurent Craste, Bean
Finneran, Klara Kristalova, Kate MacDowell, Warren Mather, Naoko
Matsumoto, Megumi Naitoh, J.J. McCracken, Valéria Nascimento, Kamio
Ogata, Elizabeth Orleans, Annabeth Rosen, Takayuki Sakiyama, Linda
Swanson, Paul Swenbeck, Akio Takamori, Xavier Toubes, Eugene Von
Bruenchenhein, Jason Walker
Earth & Alchemy celebrates

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