Amanda Holden => Amanda Holden: ‘I Had Therapy To Help Me Cope With Losing Baby Son Theo’

Amanda Holden has suggested she went to caring to get over the distressing detriment of her stillborn son, Theo.

As good as divulgence his name for the initial time, Amanda has oral frankly about her detriment in the straightforward talk with Good Housekeeping magazine.

amanda holden

Amanda Holden

“To know that your baby competence not come out alive is incomprehensible,” she said.

“Hopefully someone will review this as well as take the bit of goal from it given there was the happy finale for me. A lot of women don’t have that – we was really lucky.

“We called the son Theo. He was scarcely 3lbs, that is bigger than the little babies in the prem ward.

“Chris as well as we were really in isolation as well as we distressed during night. We went to bed as well as we talked as well as talked. Chris never cried. we did all the crying.”

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ decider – who mislaid Theo 6 months in to her conceiving physically in 2010 – says she additionally found essay her journal ‘No Holding Back’ therapeutic.

“It is the cliché, though essay about it in my book did exorcise the lot of things for me. we usually really not long ago felt similar to we indispensable to see the therapist. we saw somebody 5 or 6 times usually to have the chat.”

amanda holden

Amanda has given had the daughter, Hollie, in 2012 after the difficult bieing born that left the star in the vicious condition as well as in need of an puncture red blood transfusion. As the result she is full of indebtedness for the NHS.

“When the helper brushed my hair, we proposed crying,” she said. “It was the many tender, amatory thing after being bashed around so much.

“That’s because we am so pro the NHS. The people in complete caring who looked after me were incredible.”

And notwithstanding dual dire births, Amanda hasn’t ruled out carrying an additional child.

“Probably,” she says. “But usually if we knew for certain there would be the successful outcome.

“I know everybody loves their children, though Hollie is the many amatory thing. we discuss it everybody to have the baby. Forget your career – we can do it during the same time.”

Read the full Amanda Holden talk in the Nov emanate of Good Housekeeping, upon sale Thursday 3 October.

For an disdainful at the back of the scenes video from her print fire go to


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