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Hi there! we usually got out of a unequivocally critical commercial operation assembly with a Penguin, as good as theory what he common with me? We get to talk an additional smashing (and fast rising) bard today! Very sparkling stuff, as good as it’s something a tiny opposite for a biggest readers EVER. Let’s encounter this taking flight star, Amanda Holden!
But first, a book…

Azyea (Oz-zay-yah) is dynamic to emanate a Mother’s Day benefaction for her mom. When she attempts to emanate something spectacular, all turns in to a vast mess. Disappointed which her gifts were not good enough, Azyea finds out what her mom unequivocally thinks about her not so undiluted gifts.

This book is geared toward immature kids ages 3 as good as up.
And now…the interview!!
DSP: For starters, discuss it us a bit about you, we similar to to get to know a authors as a person!  
Amanda: Greetings! Thank we for hosting me! My name is Amanda Holden as good as we accost from a island of Guam. Yes, a small island located in a center of a Pacific Ocean. Guam is where we was innate as good as lifted as good as when we got tied together in 2009, we changed to a tiny locale of Columbus, TX. 
I am unequivocally most in to art, music, as good as writing. we similar to to pull as good as paint when ever we am inspired. we similar to to fool around guitar as good as sing. we have YouTube videos of my strain as good as dally in home recording upon my computer. Lastly, we write children’s books as good as we simply adore celebration of a mass them too! 
I am a organisation follower in Jesus. My a a single preferred tone is red. we adore sushi as good as we am a dirty junk food addict. we have attempted to cut back, though a enticement is as good immorality to quit. My a a single preferred T.V. uncover is Downton Abbey as good as we can’t wait for for for a subsequent deteriorate to come!
DSP: Nice to encounter you! So discuss it us, where did we find a impulse for your most new book? 
Amanda: we essentially self-published my book in May 2013 for Mother’s Day. It is called Azyea’s Gifts which we wrote as good as illustrated. we was desirous to write a story given we longed for to uncover others what my mom equates to to me as good as to uncover a adore of a mother. Another reason was to finish what we proposed as an determined author. we longed for to infer to myself which we can strech my dreams with tough work. Since then, we am unequivocally assured which we can get ahead some-more than a published book. we am unequivocally vehement to see what happens with my arriving stories.
DSP: So, do we have any kind of protocol for writing? Such as, we have to write with strain on, or we can usually write when you’re utterly alone, etc
Amanda: we am a single who requires overpower when we write. Music is as good most of a daze than it is a motivator.
DSP: Now, when we lay down to write a book, a paragraph, or whatever you‘re operative upon during a moment, do we usually lay down in front of a computer, or do we need an outline of a small sort? Is there any alternative prep we need in sequence to classify your thoughts presumably prior to we write or in a routine of writing? 
Amanda: First of all, my residence has to be spotless prior to we can even proceed writing. we do not make make use of of an outline, we usually begin essay as good as work upon a sum later. The categorical idea is to get a ideas down upon paper. 
DSP: Other than this most new story, do we have any ideas for opposite books which competence be published in a future? Care to give us a teaser? 
Amanda: we have several, though a book which will be entrance out shortly is called, Captain Sam Sails Across a Sky. It is to be published by Tiger Dynasty Publishing as good as a illustrations have been underway. Here is a teaser!
“Can we discuss it me an additional bandit story?” Sam asked. “Okay Sam, though this story is distinct any alternative story. Instead of pirates sailing a 7 open seas; tonight we will discuss it we about pirates who sailed a open skies who were upon their approach to a place called Cloud One Hundred.” His father said. “But first, we have something for you.”
Another pretension which we predict being published in a destiny is a Prodigal Princess.
DSP: What has been a biggest tall given apropos a published author?
Amanda: Knowing which my book is out for a universe to see. we am some-more assured as good as we adore assisting others who have been perplexing to strech their dreams.
DSP: What is your biggest fright about being an author? 
Amanda: My fright would be how we benefaction myself to a world.  Now, which we am an bard , we feel similar to we am not as good dull in a essay industry, though we am perplexing to benefit some-more believe to where we can mount confident. If we was ever to be questioned upon a spot, we wish to answer soon as good as coherently though hesitation.
And now, for something utterly different…some somewhat off-the-wall as good as presumably not pertinent questions usually for fun!
DSP: What is your a a single preferred song?
Amanda: we Dreamed a Dream
DSP: What’s your a a single preferred candy? Ice cream?
Amanda: My a a single preferred sweets would be green pouch. My a a single preferred ice thickk thickk cream would be packet chocolate chip.
DSP: Imagine you’re a solitary survivor of a qualification pile-up during sea, as good as we watchful stuck upon a forlorn as good as uncharted island in a Bermuda Triangle. Nobody knows you’re there, as good as we have zero though a garments upon your back. You’re all alone, as good as there’s terrifying sounds entrance from low inside of a jungle. Late which night as you’re starving, a vast container washes up upon a shore. You open it up. What’s in a suitcase?
Amanda: A gun. A blow up raft. A sandwich. That should take caring of my stuck situation, a savage in a jungle, as good as my hunger. we am sorry, was we suspect to select a single thing? 
Haha, we answered perfectly! we adore saying a varying answers to which final one, it’s regularly so fun anticipating out what any chairman would cite to assistance them survive. 
Here’s a tiny about Amanda as good as her books!
Amanda R. Holden (Punzalan) (1989) was innate upon a island of Guam to Frank Punzalan as good as Mary Lujan as good as is a youngest of six. She right away resides in Columbus, Texas with her father Ethan Holden.

Amanda proposed essay during a immature age as good as is right away a bard as good as illustrator of her initial children’s design book, Azyea’s Gifts.

She now functions a full time pursuit as a dental receptionist as good as helps out from time to time during her internal church. In her gangling time, she additionally provides guitar lessons for immature kids as good as adults whilst she continues to work during her qualification as a writer. 

She is utterly dedicated to reaching goals which appear distant over her strech as good as is regularly peaceful to assistance alternative authors in need of await as good as suggest per their projects.

Amanda is additionally musically prone as good as loves to sing as good as fool around guitar. Karaoke won’t get her as good far, though she hopes to make make use of of her strain abilities for something big. 

Follow your dreams, given your dreams won’t follow you…” -Amanda Holden

Stalk Amanda-er, we mean, stay present with all things Amanda here:
Such a good interview, as good as most interjection to Amanda. Make certain we keep present with all of Amanda’s functions as good as obstacle your own duplicate of her book. Be upon a surveillance for not usually this arriving book, Captain Sam Sails Across a Sky, though for a engorgement of good books which have been certain to follow! Congrats to we upon not long ago fasten with Tiger Dynasty Publishing, we can’t wait for for to see we climb to unusual heights in your arriving successes.
Thanks again, Amanda, as good as most appropriate of luck!!

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