Ben Folds => 136 – Ben Folds Five – Tuesday, Jul 30, 2013 – Prospect Park Bandshell – Brooklyn, NY

This concert, which brought together Guster, Ben Folds Five, as well as Barenaked Ladies, showed a boundary of any opening band.  At their piece for one person concerts, Ben Folds Five have proven themselves outstanding performers.  we have left their concerts feeling changed my by their music, entertained by their antics, as well as energized by their wild fanbase. 

The complaint for Ben Folds Five during this Brooklyn show, though, was which they were an opening band.  It seemed similar to a lot of a throng did not know them or did not come to a uncover essentially for them.  They additionally had small time to set up up good dialog in between songs since they were limited to such reduced sets.  This “Opening Band Problem” is zero new.  Modest Mouse as well as The President of a United States of America were essentially improved than a categorical rope as well as improved than they were upon a albums, though each alternative opening rope I’ve been to has not worked.  They regularly appear unfailing to be second best.  What done Ben Folds Five’s disaster opposite was they put upon a grade-A unison final time!

Opening rope issues were compounded by a actuality which a throng was terrible, as well as they played as well most muted brand brand new songs.

All which said, Ben Folds Five did not consequence a D+ Guster did.  It had 3 categorical advantages:

1.  we was physically benefaction inside a venue a complete time.  That’s regularly important.

2.  They played 4 classical songs we had never listened live before: “Brick,” “Army,” “Fred Jones Part 2,” as well as “One Angry Dwarf as well as 200 Solemn Faces.”               

3.  They had a bra wreath!  For “Here Come The Bras,” they brought out this elaborate, stage-size mega-wreath stoical wholly of bras!!  They kept themselves surrounded by these bras for a rest of a set, as well as blamed a total thing upon a categorical band: “Thank you, Barenaked Ladies, for this tour, as well as for displaying all your conquests upon stage…”

Grade: B-             

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