Ben Folds => In Which we Converse with Ben Folds about Brigham Young

It is no tip which I’m the large Ben Folds fan. we follow him upon Twitter, as well as final Saturday, he tweeted me back!!! we had the review with BEN FOLDS!!! EEEE!! The funny thing is which it was about Brigham Young. It kinda done it some-more awesome!

Here is the conversation:

Last time in Salt Lake City my kids were photobombed by . See we Wed night during The Depot.

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That would be Brigham Young.
really? Oops! Sorry! And we went to the notable relic as well as everything!
It’s alright. Maybe your beam was misleading.
looks similar to many images of BY etch the male with the brave tho. You sure?
Pretty sure. He has the shaft as well as there have been plateau in the background, as well as Joseph Smith never done it to SLC as well as never had the cane.
Brigham Young didn’t have the brave in his younger days.
Oops appreciate you! You’re right. Apologies to Smith as well as Young. (AND Smith as well as Wesson) KIDS: final print is of Brigham Young
You’re welcome! Glad to be of service.
p.s. we design an overwhelming bonus upon tickets to your subsequent unison in SLC now.
Sure. it’s Wed night during The Depot. Solo Show
Dang! we have book bar which night. I’ll locate ya upon your subsequent outing here.
Then someone said:

Sod book club! Go see Ben!

I’m still kinda freaking out about this! Too bad we have book bar tonight, or I’d go see him! I’d money in upon which bonus too!

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