Lindsey Jacobellis => Plushenko, Lysacek move it…Lindsey Jacobellis’ fifteen Minutes have been Over

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Hype…the Olympics live by it. Some athletes live up to it, a little do not as good as a little have we consternation if a press is carrying a delayed headlines day.

Russia’s Evgeni Plushenko came out of early retirement as good as showed critics he could still move it, attack a quad as good as staying upon tip of a reduced module after skating early in a program. Evan Lysacek, with Hugh Jackman great looks, is usually one-half indicate during a behind of Plushenko.

Then there’s Lindsey Jacobellis, whom a press followed around insessently, not since she had a constrained story, unless we cruise royally screwing divided your bullion award in a final olympics compelling. While many athletes’ stories engage hard times or entrance behind from horrific injuries, Jacobellis was good in a lead during a 2006 Torino Olympics, though during a final jump, she motionless to do a house tweak, grabbing during her house in early celebration. Unfortunately, her pretence caused her to land really bad as good as fall, alighting her in to second place. Later, she would during initial explain she wasn’t perplexing to do a trick, though gave a little sore forgive of perplexing to solid a board.

So a press wish to see if she could set free herself–the press loves redemption. She didn’t. She faltered as good as went off-course in a semi-finals–and essentially I’m not surprised. Most athletes demonstrate their determination; a some-more medium ones as good as those who know they won’t have a finals foreordain how they wish to do their best. Interviews before long after a eventuality uncover Jocobellis has no rival drive, no query to be a best. No fire. She was only here for “to have an experience.” Said Jocobellis, “It wasn’t as stressful. My initial time we felt similar to there was a lot of expectancy upon me.” No consternation she didn’t win.

I only goal which if she’s in a on all sides to go to a 2014 Olympics, she’ll give her mark to an additional American who essentially WANTS it. Buh-bye Lindsey…your fifteen mins have been right away up.

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