Nakahara Rie => Meiko Nakahara — Gemini

If I’m not mistaken, a single of JTM’s initial profiles was upon Naomi Kawashima’s “Gemini” behind in February. Strangely enough, final week we was riffing by my CD pick up when we came opposite this really short (barely thirty minutes) gathering front called “Japanese Pops Refrain Vol. 9″ which I’d paid for behind in a 90s which contained Meiko Nakahara’s(中原めいこ) strange take.

Nakahara wrote as well as stoical this beguiling City Pop balance which sounds similar to something Melissa Manchester or Christopher Cross would have tackled. And there is this spirit of Alicia Bridges’ classical disco anthem, “I Love The Nightlife” in a melody. And certain enough, Nakahara’s lyrics speak of flirting with which man upon a dance building by a name of Gemini (perhaps his pointer or he was an 80s counterespionage agent). Released as a B-side to her 2nd single, “Go Away” in November 1982, “Gemini” has which fun-loving feel of night civic hedonism. This was years prior to Julianas or Velfarre. Back then, it was substantially The Lexington Queen in Roppongi. Man, what were those nights similar to there during the Japanese Economic Miracle?

And for all those disco fans, here is “I Love The Nightlife”.

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