Nakahara Rie => Rie Nakahara — Tokyo Lullaby (東京ららばい)

I’ve profiled Yasuko Naito’s(内藤やす子)“Roppongi Lullaby”(1984) which is possibly bluesy as good as deafening or bluesy as good as tenderhearted depending upon which of a 2 versions we attend to. Rie Nakahara’s(中原理恵)“Tokyo Lullaby” which was expelled in March 1978, is some-more cheerfully rollicking. It starts with a Spanish guitar riff prior to starting in to a tune which sounds somewhat enka-ish though additionally has a hold of exoticism which was sincerely renouned in a array of cocktail songs entrance out around a late 70s. In any case, it’s a single of those songs I’ve listened a array of times in TV strain retrospectives as good as in a karaoke boxes. we consider it kinda reflected (and still reflects) a dispatch as good as discord of a single of a world’s largest metropolises as it gives a scream out to places similar to Yamate Road, Tokyo Bay as good as Tokyo Tower.

Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido as Tamie Mekata(目加田貴美恵) Nakahara debuted with “Tokyo Lullaby”at 19. Sounding grown up for her age with a huskier voice, her handling group primarily bumped up her age a integrate of years for a consequence of “authenticity”. Written by Takashi Matsumoto(松本隆)and stoical by Kyohei Tsutsumi(筒美京平), a strain appearance during No. 9 upon Oricon as good as warranted Nakahara a berth in the 1978 Kohaku Utagassen as good as a Japan Record Award as Best Newcomer.

Nakahara also gained serve celebrity when in 1984, she became a single of a Madonnas in a Tora-san film array entrance for which year. And she was a initial womanlike co-host of TV Asahi’s long-running “Music Station” for the initial year.

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