Nakahara Rie => Yu Hayami/Meiko Nakahara — Passion

I saw Yu Hayami(早見優) behaving her 14th single, “Passion” upon the Kohaku Utagassen. Unlike her sunny, bippity-boppity new thing hit, “Natsu Iro no Nancy”(夏色のナンシー) from a couple of years back, Hayami went for a some-more disco-Anri receptive to advice with this song, created as well as stoical by Meiko Nakahara(中原めいこ). And upon which year’s Kohaku, she even eschewed a lovable aidoru garments for something which reminded me some-more of what Janet Jackson would wear a couple of years after for “Rhythm Nation”.

The strain was expelled in August 1985 though wouldn’t finish up in the Top 100 of a 1985 Oricon charts.

Here is Nakahara’s own take upon a song.

courtesy of faiz
from Flickr

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