Ono Machiko => Eita & Ono Machiko win a 39th Housou Bunka Foundation behaving awards for their purposes in “Saikou no Rikon”

Eita attended a esteem display rite for a 39th Housou Bunka Foundation Award upon twenty-one Jun where he perceived an behaving endowment for his opening in “Saikou no Rikon”. His co-star Ono Machiko who had played his mother in a same drama, additionally perceived a same endowment though was absent from a ceremony. Eita commented that it had been physically removal for him during a filming as well as by a time he was median by a season, he had even left to a therapist for diagnosis of his hands as well as shoulders that were experiencing narrowing due to a pressure.

Other esteem awards (drama-related) have been as follows:

Main Award (TV play category): Legal High / FujiTV (prize income of JPY 800,000)
Excellence Award (TV play category): Made in Japan / NHK (JPY 400,000)
TV Drama Award: Saikou no Rikon / FujiTV & Hitori Shizuka / WOWOW (JPY 200,000 each)
Individual Acting Award: Eita / Saikou no Rikon & Ono Machiko / Saikou no Rikon (JPY 100,000 each)
Best Script: Kosawa Ryota / Legal High (JPY 100,000)

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