Ono Machiko => Ono Machiko to be a lead in FujITV play SP “Hasegawa Machiko Monogatari ~ Sazae-san ga umareta hi”

Ono Machiko will be personification a purpose of Hasegawa Machiko who was obvious as a writer of renouned manga “Sazae-san”, in a FujiTV play “Hasegawa Machiko Monogatari ~ Sazae-san ga umareta hi”. The play SP will be a jubilee work to symbol a 45th anniversary of “Sazae-san” as well as is due to be shown in November.

Ono commented which she felt an affinity to Hasegawa given they both share a same initial names as well as which she is happy to action in this SP which talks about Hasegawa’s hold up before, during as well as after a fight as well as how she came to furnish “Sazae-san”. This is not a initial time which Ono is personification a real-life chairman though she still fears you do it Nonetheless, she hopes to make use of her own mode to take up a plea of personification Hasegawa.

Filming starts in midst September.

Source: Sponichi

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