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On Jan 26, singer Sato Eriko (31) as well as co-star Kitamura Kazuki (43) appeared during an opening day eventuality for their movie “Night People” (directed by Kadoi Hajime) at Cinemart Shinjuku in Tokyo.

The movie revolves around a beautiful, nonetheless puzzling lady (Sato) who extorts 200 million Yen from a big-name politician.  The movie builds in torment as a club owners (Kitamura) falls in adore with her.  When asked about her lick stage with Kitamura, Sato responded with discontent, “According to a script, it was ostensible to be a deep, abounding kiss, though it was some-more similar to ‘Chuu’ [a peck]…

Kitamura cringed as he said, “There were most people on-location when you filmed a scene, so we don’t recollect as well most about it…

Source as well as Image: Sanspo

Source : tokyohive[dot]com

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